Friday, February 03, 2012

The Dieners Debut, Saturn Bar, Tonight!

So Mr. Adam and I have rather sneakily been assembling a happy-hollerin' down-and-dirty good-times little rock 'n' roll duo. We call ourselves the Dieners,1 and we've been practicing and everything. I think we sound pretty good, but the proof of that is in the performance-pudding, and the first course of that pudding is being served tonight. Which is a metaphorically overwrought way of saying that tonight's our first gig.

Tonight! Gig!

And it's with other cool bands (cool bands!), Kay Swiss and the Keddz (ain't that a helluva name?), who are also debuting2 (and whose members include our  beloved Mary T Keddz, née Bruiser Mary), all followed up by the Lushingtons, who are not debuting but have, on the contrary, played many fine gigs before (and whose founding members met at a Bruisers gig). (So you see, though the Bruisers N.O. may have ceased to be an active band in any "actually playing" sense, we're apparently turning into a collective. (Wanna join? Bring a tambourine, and you're in. Guaranteed.))

The whole shindig kicks off around 10-ish-ish. Come on down and have a heaping helping! (Of the performance-pudding. Again, that whole overwrought metaphor thing.) Woot!

1 There's a complicated footnote about the name, but I'm feeling to lazy to explain it right now. I'll save it for the glossy press kit. (This is merely a footnote about the absence of the footnote which would be here if I was making more of an effort.)

2 It's like a debutante ball. We should all be wearing tuxes and gowns and get our picture in the Living section.

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  1. I'll be looking for you in the Living Section. Good luck.