Saturday, February 18, 2012

Dudley High

Mardi Gras is one of my favorite times of year, and one of my favorite things about Mardi Gras is the school bands in the parades, and one of my favorite things about school bands are when they do one of those "breakdown" types of things (I'm sure there's a term in the marching band parlance, but I don't know it), not playing a full song, but instead doing some call and response shouting and keeping a good beat and busting out some good moves. Last night I saw one my favoritest band breakdowns ever. And I caught it on video. Dudley High, from Greensboro, NC,1 tearing it up:

I love all the different phases, from the truly spectacular early part with the whole band hollering and moving, to the instrumental breakdowns, to the quiet coordinated shuffle in the middle, to the high-jumping shenanigans of the drum corps as they roll out.

1 I adore our hometown bands, but they march in several Mardi Gras parades every year and have these parades down to a well-honed operation. Some of the best spectacles are put on by out-of-town bands who are super-psyched to be here and who feel like they've got a little something to prove.


  1. Kirsten7:55 PM

    so wish I was there. thanks for sharing - this was truly FUN!!!

  2. Anonymous11:09 PM

    The Gullah people who live on some islands off the Carolinas have a kind of African music that isn't jazz, though it;s similar. It's the African-American music that influenced George Gershwin's "jazz".

    I wonder if that No. Carolina band had a lot of Gullah influence.