Saturday, March 31, 2012

Green House with Red Flowers

Plant in a Bucket and the Virgin Mary

I find it weird that the bucket and the Virgin Mary's cloak are the exact same color.

My Morning Coffee: White with Pink Flowers and Gold Trim

This one's really more of a tasse than a demitasse, but I wanted a double-shot this morning, so tasse it must be. Good to the last drop.

Friday, March 30, 2012

...And the Boogie-Woogie Flu

So for-real-real, it turns out I had a case of "rockin' pneumonia". Cool, huh? When I went to the doctor, he called it "walking pneumonia", but that's because he didn't see me hootin' and hollerin' last Saturday night. That's how you celebrate a 40th — microbes be damned!

So anyway, the hoot was had. The microbes are on the run. (Thank you, modern medicine.) And the weather's beautiful. Let's get things rolling again. At least a picture or two. Maybe even some words. Sounds like a plan.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

"Sarah and Dave Are 40!" Throwdown, Circle Bar, Saturday!

Hey, whatchya doing Saturday night? Might I suggest you come on down to my Lady and my's (mine? mine's? my's's'?) 40th B-Day Throwdown at the Circle Bar? (Yep, the Lady just turned 40 today. Happy birthday, darlin'. Welcome to the 40+ club.)

So come one, come all. Adam and I (a.k.a. the Dieners) will play a fast-'n'-fun set prompt-ish-ly at 10. Then DJ Brice Nice will continue things with some awesome danceable grooves. Fun and nonsense is sure to ensue. See ya there!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mister Pigeon, the Movie

I always find it weirdly enjoyable to watch the playback of the painting process. (For me, it has a slight out-of-body feeling — watching my actions, but disassociated from them.) So here's Mister Pigeon, the movie: the stroke-by-stroke-rendering or our fine feathered hobo-friend:

Hit play, pop it into full screen,1 and have yourself a little watch-see. (There's some weird flickering towards the end, from when I dropped in a photo of an Edward-from-"Twilight" Halloween costume to use as a reference image for the trenchcoat, switching it back and forth in the layers as needed. It looks very odd at super-speed.)

Woot! There Mister Pigeon is (in the act of becoming)!

1 'Cause otherwise it's annoyingly small and has those black bars on the side that I couldn't get rid of. Not that I want to micro-manage your viewing experience of course. You do what you want to do. You're your own person. I'm just saying...

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Clouds, Afternoon

This photo sort of startled me. I wasn't expecting it to come out quite like that, all dramatic-like.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Monday, March 12, 2012


Watch out, folks. It's still Nature Week (though "Week" may be loosely interpreted), so I still get to spam you with photos of trees 'n' stuff. Look, here's a tree. Ain't it pretty?

Snail Grave

June's Druidic tendencies continue. She found a few snail shells in the back yard and decided to construct this little snail "grave" for them, with a commemorative ring of stones. Hilarious.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Lordy, Lordy! Slimbo's Forty!

Jeezum, Pete! It just sort of crept up on me, but here I am: officially, forty-years-old. Actually, I think I'm old-enough ("young enough") to start saying that "-years-young" thing. So yep, I'm officially forty-years-young. Crikey! Well, at least, I can enter my new decade enjoying this awesome woven (or whatever the proper crafty term is) portrait of the awesome Shirley and Lee, one of my various excellent gifts today (this one being from the Lady). Alright, now I have to go start drinking. Ciao!

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Mister Pigeon

Oh, hey! It's Mister Pigeon. Remember him? Last time, he wasn't quite done. But now he's really here,1 all done-as-he's-going-to-get:

Howdy, Mister Pigeon! You sure do look hobo-sish. Corn-cob and everything.2 My, my.

1 Mere weeks after I completely dropped the project. Moving from conception to implementation via a brisk linear transit has never been my strong suit.

2 We have a new category to add to our Topsy-Turvy Man/Nature Breakdown:
  1. Nature dressed up as Man.

My Morning Coffee: Buttercup 'n' Bug

Yellow demitasse, with ceramic fly permanently perched on the edge of the saucer. Isn't that a hoot?

I think our theme this week isn't merely "Nature" but "The Topsy-Turvy Intersection Between Man and Nature". These recent pics are of:
  1. Man-made nature: the parks
  2. Man-made depictions of nature: this ceramic fly, the carrot demitasse
  3. Fringe zones between man and nature, where city runs into country and everything gets all tangled up: e.g., the semi-park, semi-industrial, semi-wild areas where Uptown runs into the River. (The pictures were also mostly taken during fringe parts of the day, often early morning, before the rest of the world has climbed out of bed.)
  4. Nature bent to the will of man: the wig wam
  5. Cool man-made things like buses and stuff, zipping at some eye-pleasing angle through the foggy morning, with some token bit of green grass in the frame, so we can claim its some sort of man-nature middle-school metaphor-type-of-thing. Yeah, that.
But enough of such musings. Look! Fake fly. Ha!

Overgrown Tomb

And of course, nature overtakes everything in the end (at least around here).

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Photos of Nature Stuff (and Some Other Stuff)

In keeping with our theme:

Swan, "No Fishing"


My bicycle and somebody else's tree (and the Mighty Mississippi shrouded in fog in the background)

Train tracks and rogue chicken. (Seriously, we've got plenty of urban chickens around here, but I don't know what this guy/gal was doing roaming around this neck of not-near-nuthin'.)