Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mister Pigeon, the Movie

I always find it weirdly enjoyable to watch the playback of the painting process. (For me, it has a slight out-of-body feeling — watching my actions, but disassociated from them.) So here's Mister Pigeon, the movie: the stroke-by-stroke-rendering or our fine feathered hobo-friend:

Hit play, pop it into full screen,1 and have yourself a little watch-see. (There's some weird flickering towards the end, from when I dropped in a photo of an Edward-from-"Twilight" Halloween costume to use as a reference image for the trenchcoat, switching it back and forth in the layers as needed. It looks very odd at super-speed.)

Woot! There Mister Pigeon is (in the act of becoming)!

1 'Cause otherwise it's annoyingly small and has those black bars on the side that I couldn't get rid of. Not that I want to micro-manage your viewing experience of course. You do what you want to do. You're your own person. I'm just saying...


  1. Windy City pigeon3:39 PM

    impressive layering (especially with Edward's hair for a nanosecond!)...thanks for sharing. microscreen was fine for me :)