Sunday, March 04, 2012

My Morning Coffee: Buttercup 'n' Bug

Yellow demitasse, with ceramic fly permanently perched on the edge of the saucer. Isn't that a hoot?

I think our theme this week isn't merely "Nature" but "The Topsy-Turvy Intersection Between Man and Nature". These recent pics are of:
  1. Man-made nature: the parks
  2. Man-made depictions of nature: this ceramic fly, the carrot demitasse
  3. Fringe zones between man and nature, where city runs into country and everything gets all tangled up: e.g., the semi-park, semi-industrial, semi-wild areas where Uptown runs into the River. (The pictures were also mostly taken during fringe parts of the day, often early morning, before the rest of the world has climbed out of bed.)
  4. Nature bent to the will of man: the wig wam
  5. Cool man-made things like buses and stuff, zipping at some eye-pleasing angle through the foggy morning, with some token bit of green grass in the frame, so we can claim its some sort of man-nature middle-school metaphor-type-of-thing. Yeah, that.
But enough of such musings. Look! Fake fly. Ha!

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  1. Chi-town K8:13 PM

    great explanation (and save)! the mugs are awesome!