Thursday, March 22, 2012

"Sarah and Dave Are 40!" Throwdown, Circle Bar, Saturday!

Hey, whatchya doing Saturday night? Might I suggest you come on down to my Lady and my's (mine? mine's? my's's'?) 40th B-Day Throwdown at the Circle Bar? (Yep, the Lady just turned 40 today. Happy birthday, darlin'. Welcome to the 40+ club.)

So come one, come all. Adam and I (a.k.a. the Dieners) will play a fast-'n'-fun set prompt-ish-ly at 10. Then DJ Brice Nice will continue things with some awesome danceable grooves. Fun and nonsense is sure to ensue. See ya there!


  1. That must have been some double 40th birthday bash!

  2. Happy Birthday!!!!! What a great invite! And it makes me feel good that someone else has trouble with the my's mine.... I try to avoid these sentences at all costs! :D