Monday, April 30, 2012

Bruisers! Reunion! Tonight! With O.L.D. and Bunny and the Playboys! Circle Bar! 10 p.m.!1

Yep, the ultra-secret first-ever reunion (about a year after our last-of-many-lasts show), tonight at the Circle Bar, with O.L.D and Bunny and the Playboys! See you there! Woot!

1 My, that's a lot of exlaimin'.

2 I'm calling it "ultra-secret" to mask the fact that I'm really just a lousy self-promoter and didn't get around to thinking I should mention this until 'round about right now today.

Friday, April 27, 2012

More Willow House

Cameron asked for more pictures. I'll oblige, though I should say that the Willow House is surprisingly photo-resistant. It makes plenty of sense when you're in it, but seen from a distance, it devolves into a tangle of angles — a sort of loosey-goosey Druidic folk-modernism. (Say that three times fast.) Most of the year, the house will be shrouded in a thick canopy of willow leaves, so seeing it from a distance won't actually even be an option. But anyway, here's another shot  (with my constant-companion June-ior). Perhaps multiple photos will, in aggregate, give a Rashomon-esque collective representation of the structure's essential truth. (Dang, I never knew I could talk so fancy about a bunch of 2x4s nailed to a tree — well, screwed to a tree — with big old honkin' 4" wood screws. I over-engineered the bejeezus out of that sucker.) Yep.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

"Meow Meow This Way Meow"

Pearl also likes the Willow House. She scampers up into it from the ground. I figured she'd also like to be able to access it from my bedroom balcony (where both she and I spend a lot of time). So I built her a "bridge" — really, a plank that I temporarily laid across from the balcony to the Crow's Nest. And I thought the bridge should have some sort of signage. Like this. She's never actually used the bridge. (Though she still regularly scampers up the trunk, to spy on birds from her Willow House perch.) But the idea continues to amuse me.

The Willow House

So one of my several recent outdoor projects was to build a tree house in the willow tree. It wasn't really a planned thing, more of a vague notion that suddenly sprang into tangible wood-and-nails reality. (Well, "suddenly" may be an exaggeration. It took a couple of hefty weekends.) First I just made a little boards-on-the-trunk ladder to the main crook of the tree, for ease of climbing and perching. But then the ladder looked like it really needed to be going somewhere more built-ish. So I made the main deck (on a weekend when the kids were out of town, so they would be pleasantly surprised on their return — and so June wouldn't harangue me every two minutes asking if it was ready). The following week, I kept staring at the lone deck, dreaming up embellishments. That next weekend, the embellishments sprang into existence, and the fully realized "Willow House" was born:1 four decks at varying heights (The Main Deck, two Sentry Decks, and the Crow's Nest2), capable of fitting a whole gaggle of kids, giving a sense of dizzying independence while actually remaining quite solid and sensible. I like it. The girls do too.

1 To be clear, there will be more embellishments. A tree house is never done. But the essential components are in place.

2 The Crow's Nest — the tippity-toppity one in the picture — is the really cool spot, a secret perch in the heart of the willow, from which a child can observe and ponder all the comings and goings in Adult-land down below. (Only advanced tree house occupants are permitted in the Crow's Nest, a list currently consisting of Louise, June, and myself.)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Old Swamp Bits

Our neighborhood was a new development about a hundred years, pushing out into the back of town swamp. Digging a posthole for the fence, a couple feet down, I hit old swamp: the thick strata of cypress and other bits that stood there for a few thousand years, before it was drained.

Work in Progress: Clay Kitty

The final product turned out pretty cool. Then we tried to "fire" it in the toaster, and it cracked, but even that looked pretty cool. Then it got left outside somewhere, and we had two solid days of rain,
and it returned to its original formless state. Time well spent, regardless.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Gray Clay, Purple Bucket, Yellow Handle (Muddy Hands)

I've been building a fence, one of the several outdoor endeavors I've undertaken in recent weekends, during the short span when the weather is lovely and temperate, before summer hits. In several of the post holes, I hit clay, which June quickly co-opted or spontaneous art projects. First step: wet the clay. In the purple bucket. With the yellow handle. Good messy fun. (June likes to be busy and acted as my "helper" during much of the construction, so she's statistically overrepresented in the upcoming series of photos. I have to state these things explicitly, or my kids — and various aunts and cousins — give me grief.)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

My Afternoon Coffee: Mismatched Yellow and White (and Gold and Blue)

This demitasse and saucer didn't start their existences ("existences", that's a weird word) as a set, but they became one along way, odds and ends from the small collection of cups I got from my family that became the nucleus of my current bounteous horde. They've been together so long, I can't imagine them any other way. I like how they fit/don't together.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Louise Against Fence, Sunset

Pastoral by June

I sometimes pass my phone over to June and let her take some snaps (under proper adult supervision). She really enjoys it, and she sometimes shoots some lovely little photos. (And it keeps her busy. June needs to be busy). I quite like this one: a quiet late-afternoon corner of Audubon Park.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

"That's a Great Word"

Louise, at dinner last night:
"'Terse', that's a great word — 'terse'."
It absolutely is, my dear, it absolutely is. (Apparently words-I'm-liking musings run in the family.)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Dieners + Lonely Lonely Knights, Saturn Bar, Tonight, 10 p.m.!

Whatchya doing tonight? You can come see the Dieners and the Lonely Lonely Knights tear it up at the Saturn Bar tonight, kicking off around 10 p.m. (Us, then them.) Yeah, it's past my bedtime too, but that's rock 'n' roll baby! Woot!

Monday, April 09, 2012

A Variety of Easter-ish/Spring-ish Photos

It's been quiet, bloggy-wise, through the Easter weekend. (My creative efforts have been focussed elsewhere. More on that later.) But let's catch up with a few Easter-ish and generally spring-themed snaps:

Crawfish and Easter come along right about the same time. Yum, yum.

Flowers in sun

More miscellaneous spring-like greenery

Kids and bunnies — can't get more Easter than that. (That rabbit looks terrified.)

Easter dinner, table arrangement

A little brightly-colored domestic montage. (I had to tease my friend for having a back porch that looks like a photo-shoot from Real Simple.)

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Coinism: "Eyeshot"

June used a coinism at dinner last night that pleased me. She described something as being within "eyeshot".In bogo-lingua-arithmetic, that would be something like:
eyeshot = eyesight + earshot
I love it.2

1 Her sister, as siblings are wont to do, tried to give her grief for her non-standardism, but I shut that down — English is silly putty: stretch it and mold it and use it and abuse it as needs and whims dictate.

2 I suppose the inverse would be "earsight", which doesn't work so well.

Behold the Ouroboros!

I drew this on the whiteboard at work. (At the request of a co-worker. He wanted an Ouroboros — he got one.) I'm rather pleased with it.

Monday, April 02, 2012

Telephone Pole Shadow Against Fence

Yeah, I was on a shadows-against-stuff kick that day.

Sunday, April 01, 2012