Friday, April 27, 2012

More Willow House

Cameron asked for more pictures. I'll oblige, though I should say that the Willow House is surprisingly photo-resistant. It makes plenty of sense when you're in it, but seen from a distance, it devolves into a tangle of angles — a sort of loosey-goosey Druidic folk-modernism. (Say that three times fast.) Most of the year, the house will be shrouded in a thick canopy of willow leaves, so seeing it from a distance won't actually even be an option. But anyway, here's another shot  (with my constant-companion June-ior). Perhaps multiple photos will, in aggregate, give a Rashomon-esque collective representation of the structure's essential truth. (Dang, I never knew I could talk so fancy about a bunch of 2x4s nailed to a tree — well, screwed to a tree — with big old honkin' 4" wood screws. I over-engineered the bejeezus out of that sucker.) Yep.