Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Lil' Angel

And a lion and a wolf and June. (Har! See, 'cause I said "Lil Angel", which one might initially assume referred to June, but then in my enumeration, I explicitly listed her, indicating that the aforementioned lil' angel reference was actually to the statue in the background. Have I over explained it enough now? Nothing says "funny" like a long explanation following the joke.) I have a bit of a fetish for photos of yard sculpture. This is a particularly odd and pleasing bunch — the mix of religious angel with the secular critters. And what's up with the Mardi Gras beads around the angel's next? Incongruities upon incongruities. Lovely.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Mixel by Lulu: Grazing Giraffe

Remember that Mixel app I used a while back for that Planet of the Annoying Hipster Apes silliness (the "social collage app" that lets you borrow and blend various webby images)? Well, Lulu's been getting ahold of it and making her own collages, such as this one. There's something very simple and sweet about it. I liket it.

For the Birds

(I believe I've used that same lame title-pun of more than one bird-related post (of which I have quite a few)). I like that, out here at the lakefront, with our abundance of winged critters, a big ol' egret flapping around the front of our office is not a particularly strange. We also sometimes have ducks go waddling by. Yay, birds!

Sarah, Amidst Geometrically Pleasing Array of Diagonals

And check out her new little pixie 'do. Ain't she a doll.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Trash Can, Bicycle Wheel, Coolers, and Tarp

Pretty-things-that-were-meant-to-be-pretty are fine and dandy, but pretty-things-that-are-pretty-just-by-chance are, to my mind, extra fine and dandy, a reminder that the world is full of wonder if we can keep our eyes open for it.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Weird Stencil and Mailboxes and June

The mailboxes are pretty self-explanatory, I'm not sure what June's doing, and I have no idea what's going on with that bit of stencil graffiti, but it all adds up to a little moment I find oddly pleasing.

Sunset Sky and Utility LInes

Regular readers will know that I'm pretty much obsessed with the utility poles and lines that are an ever-present feature of our city's sky-scape. I suppose they're generally considered visual pollution, but come on — tell me they ain't pretty! (And the sky's not half-bad either.)

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Art Naïf by June

And more kiddie-art, this one by June. A sort of art naïf painting on two-by-fours (scraps from the Willow House). I'm not sure about the angel-lady floating in the top right, but the dog under the tree is a memorialization of our dear old Penny. (She moved on to the great doggie-beyond this past fall.) I love it.

Illo by Lulu: Big Cat

As the school year ends, troves of artwork come home, and we get to see some of the fantastic things the kid-uns have been doing with their days. Here's a Lulu-creation. I believe it's supposed to be either a leopard or a tiger, prior to the application of embellishments. Either way, it's awesome.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Spanish Moss

The oak trees throughout our city are lovely enough, but the Spanish moss that drapes them add another layer of lovely weird wonder.

And they sometimes form these almost Gothic architectures. I'm a fan.

The Times They Are A-Changin'

My my — #1 Daughter done with elementary school and off to be a little fish in the big pond of middle school; #2 Daughter onward to 3rd grade — my, my. It all got me a little verklempt. And now the summer starts: kids whisked off for doses of country living, no homework, slow afternoons, pools, glorious pervasive heat. I'm ready for it.

Balcony: Rocking Chair, Watering Can, and Poorly Tended Irises

(Poor irises. I guess I should use that watering can more often). A quiet lil' corner of one of my favorite spots in the world. (Note the willowin' willow in the background, creator of lovely fluid dappled light, and home to the famed Willow House.)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Celestial Choir #3

It's like the cloud is shooting laser beams. Cool.

Records from the Crypt: "Why Do They Love Me?"

A little more rock 'n' roll, perchance? How 'bout this super-fantastic Mary T. original (namesake of our only actually released album). Woot!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Celestial Choir #2

The sun showing its face.(I couldn't post just one. The clouds and the light were in constant flux, so I just kept on snapping, and each pic turned out cool in a same-yet-different kind of way.)

Queue the Celestial Choir...

It was a craz sky for a little bit today: summertime pop-up cumului that rolled and roiled and cast constantly changing rays and shadows across the noon blue.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Evening Sky, Inverted

No, I didn't goof and hold my camera upside down. (Nor have spatial relations, as we know them, gone all wonky: up being down and down being up and cats and dogs being friends and that sort of thing.) This is just a reflection in a pond, see? Pretty, huh? (And way more soothing than that freaky up-down-cat-dog scenario.) (Does this caption make any sense? It's getting late, and I'm getting sleepy, and words the in head my sometimes make sentence a not might.)

Monday, May 14, 2012

Records from the Crypt: "Addis Ababa, Baby"

Our recent Bruisers N.O. reunion (which was, of course, a hoot) got me in a Bruisin' frame of mind and got me thinking: I sure would like to have some of those ol' Bruisers tracks out in the world in a free, webby, widely-consumable kind of way. (The CDs were lovely, but free-and-downloadable is also lovely.) And so, that's what I'm doing, bit-by-bit loading the Bruisers opus into SoundCloud (and conveniently cross-posting here). First up, "Addis Ababa, Baby":

And perhaps with each new posting, an old backstory? This song came to be largely because of my limited musical skills. I was obsessed, for a while, with a disc of old Ethiopian R&B by the singer Alemayehu Eshete, given to me by some friends. It had one song, Addis Ababa Bete, that I particularly liked. I had no idea what it was about, but it had this cool modal riff that sounded awesome. I thought, "I'd like to play something like that", but after about five minutes of attempting to do so, I realized that jazzy 60s Ethiopian R&B was beyond me. So I wrote this song instead, inspired by but ultimately totally different from the original: exotic modal riffs and wail-y vocals, yes, but mashed up with rough 'n' ready American rock 'n' roll and my own made-up lyrics that may or may not have anything to do with what the original song was actually about. Anyhoo, wherever it started, I like where it wound up.

Bass Drum and Tuba

I took this photo backstage at the Lusher Crawfish Boil (my kids' school's big fundraiser festival), shortly before performing with the Lusher Dad's Band (which primarily consists of a bunch of middle-aged men with electric guitars — bless our hearts). This year's Boil was preceded by lots of rain, turning the whole thing into a giant mud-fest — sort of like Woodstock with kids and shellfish. Eventually volunteers covered most of the dance area in front of the stage with hay, which mitigated the bogginess but caused some confusion when a band named Pony Space performed: paddock-sized area covered in hay + placard sign reading "Pony Space" = lots of folks looking around wondering, "Where the hell's the ponies?"

Cypress Tree

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Ooh, Mama!

Happy Mama's Day, ladies-to-whom-it-pertains. This here's the mama of my lil' gals, sporting her new short 'do. Plus her signature stripes.  Hope yours is a good 'un. Ciao!

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

House in Late Afternoon Light

I like taking those early morning and late afternoon photos, when that certain golden light pervades the world and turns every humble thing and place into a shining moment of magic, when taking good photos is like shooting fish in a barrel. (There's a metaphor.) I recently stumbled across this Sol app, which precisely tracks and displays such phases of the day. (And let's you set alarms for things like "10 minutes before Sunset".) The app is, itself, a little bit of magic, and among its enumerated phases of days, nights, dawns, and dusks, it includes two "Golden Hours": the first hour-ish after sunrise and the last hour-ish before sunset, exactly those slices of time and place that yield those fish-in-barrel-shootin' photo-yields. (Photography and fishing are a lot alike — knowing where and when the good photos are going to coalesce is a lot like knowing where and when the best fishing spots are.) Anyway, look at that pretty little glowing house!

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Sunset Sky

Dang, lovely spring weather, making me spend all my time outside, all busy-like, doing all sorts of fun yard-ish things, instead of remaining inside, diligently attending to my blog. Anyway, here's a picture! A pretty sunset. I hope you like it. There will be all sorts of photos (spring-ish, yard-ish, and other-ish) coming your way soon. Stay tuned. Woot!