Wednesday, May 09, 2012

House in Late Afternoon Light

I like taking those early morning and late afternoon photos, when that certain golden light pervades the world and turns every humble thing and place into a shining moment of magic, when taking good photos is like shooting fish in a barrel. (There's a metaphor.) I recently stumbled across this Sol app, which precisely tracks and displays such phases of the day. (And let's you set alarms for things like "10 minutes before Sunset".) The app is, itself, a little bit of magic, and among its enumerated phases of days, nights, dawns, and dusks, it includes two "Golden Hours": the first hour-ish after sunrise and the last hour-ish before sunset, exactly those slices of time and place that yield those fish-in-barrel-shootin' photo-yields. (Photography and fishing are a lot alike — knowing where and when the good photos are going to coalesce is a lot like knowing where and when the best fishing spots are.) Anyway, look at that pretty little glowing house!

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