Friday, June 29, 2012

From the Doodle-Ma-Tron: Mr. Smiley

Now this guy I definitely like. Look at that smile, he's got a good soul. And he seems pleasingly eccentric, unconcerned with unruly sweeps of hair and quirky attire. And I'm having fun with the style. It pleases me that the Doodle-Ma-Tron, a digital tool, can produce such gestural, such "analog"-ish results, loose fluid lines and rough textures that could easily have been created by pens and brushes on paper.1

1 Both dogmatic techno-luddites and naive gizmo-futurists tend to get my dander up. Yes, I make my living digging in the bits-and-bytes mines, building the digital future for the rest of y'all; certainly I feel a strong curiosity about what lies over the future-horizon (how can one not?); and like most folks, I enjoy a shiny new toy. But at the end of the day, tools are tools, media are media. New, old, they each have their merits and limitations. Let's not sweat it too much: bleeding edge or wildly archaic, use what you like, have some fun, and make some cool stuff. (Arbitrary and unsolicited rant now complete.)

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