Monday, June 18, 2012

From My Doodle-Ma-Tron: Man in Madras Musing on a Moth

The drawing has been getting short shrift lately, but we're here to lengthen that shrift right now. (Ouch.) Look, here's a drawing. A few points to note.
  1. "From My Doodle-Ma-Tron": Yeah, we used to have the series, "From My Sketchbook", but this doodling occurs on my iPad, but saying "From My iPad" would annoy me, too brand-centric. So, "Doodle-Ma-Tron". So shall it be.
  2. As is generally the case, I have no idea where the notion for this drawing came from. It just sort of happened, and lo! there was a man staring at a moth.
  3. Yeah, it's probably not really a moth — the colors ain't right — far more likely that it's a butterfly, but that would have ruined the title's alliteration, and I decided that in this case, alliteration trumps accuracy.
  4. "Musing on" — is that the phrase I want here? I think so. I suppose staring intently, with pursed lips, at a subject of observation could be deemed "musing on". I'm running with it. Your mileage may vary.
So there it is. Back to doodle-land. Yay!


  1. Anonymous11:12 AM

    I think his name is Sydney. I like him.

  2. he must be humming...