Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Memphis: "No..."

Sign painted on the circuit breaker in the back of that bar in Memphis that used to be a brothel but the name of which I can't remember at present: "No dope smoken. No cursin. No free loden." Fine advice.


  1. Darn. You can't have any fun there. Terrific find!

  2. What exactly would count as free-loden in this context? Hanging out without buying anything?

  3. Something like that. My impression was that this sign dated back to the building's brothel days. I don't have have any concrete basis for this impression other than it seemed like not much had changed there in a long time: crackled walls of a crazy vivid blue (with black trim, if I recall?), a long hallway of rooms upstairs where one could meander at will, a thick coating of "old" on everything. The only obvious change was the absence of prostitutes. (And I'm kind of hoping the place had been given a vigorous scrub-down at some point with some bleach and water, though I doubt it.)