Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mr. Stripey

I suppose it's unfair to call him Mr. Stripey since he himself is only subtly stripey, and once could argue that, if anything, he's more polka-dotty. But he's clearly living in a stripey world (or at least standing in front of a stripey backdrop.) As always, I have no idea what his deal is. He's looking pretty pleased with something other. (My aunt worries that the characters I draw often look sad and this is an indicator of some darkness in my soul. Plausible, though perhaps it's just that I don't actually have that much illustrative finesse and by rote tend to draws eyebrows turned up-ish and mouths turned down-ish. Either way, this guy is definitely bucking that trend.)


  1. Anonymous8:34 PM

    His name is Alphonse. He just got some new choppers.

    1. Mmm, yes some fresh dentures would explain the pleased grin.

  2. Morty Kabibble, runs a novelty-memorabilia store on Magazine St. He used to be a rabid race horse gambler with the occasional crap game for a change of pace. One day in the heat and humidity of August he had a vision near Bayou St. John. An apparition in the form of a decorated race horse appeared to him and told him that gambling on race horses was evil and that he might do well to change his ways. Morty was more than a little shocked. But he took the advice and now donates some store profits to the home for retired race horses and to orphaned children.

  3. I always follow the advice of horse apparitions. They're usually very sensible. (But don't trust those friggin' unicorns. The moment you turn your back, they're spike ya.)

  4. Check, unicorns!