Saturday, June 16, 2012

My Morning Coffee: German Geometry

So we are, apparently, taking a tour of "Demitasses from Around the World!" Today's stop: Germany.
This is another from the embryonic set of demitasses inherited from my family that led to my current abundant collection. It's always been a favorite (though I seem to say that about all of them). I love the striking minimalist contrast of the cobalt blue and white and the simple repetitive pattern, devoid of any representation. (Though it's from a completely different part of the world, it reminds me of some of the patterns seen in Islamic tiles.) And the cup isn't round: it's a twelve-sided polygon, a... um... Google, help me out here... a dodecagon! Lovely, non? (Or I suppose I should say "Lovely, nein?", though I have no idea if that Frenchy ending-a-question-with-a-negative-that's-the-opposite-of-the-expected-answer is actually an idiom in German.)


  1. I love! this one!! Of course, I am a sucker for blue and white.

  2. The idiom in German uses 'nicht' instead of 'nein'. As in, 'schön, nicht?'