Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My Morning or Maybe Afternoon Coffee ('Cause It Was Several Days Ago and I Didn't Get Around to Posting It Then and Now I Can't Remember)

This one amuses me. I don't remember its country of origin: I forgot to check the little imprint on the bottom, though it's giving me an English-y vibe. I particularly like the double handles, really far more handle then one needs, but such things are hardly dictated by practicality. I somehow imagine a matron in some BBC Jane Austen production daintily sipping from it. (Though would she really use both handles? Strikes me as potentially indelicate. Hmm...)


  1. Anonymous5:51 PM

    i believe what you have here is a bouillion cup. clear broth sipped from the cup using both handles. check out images on google.

  2. Oh, yeah! Look at that. A bouillon cup... That seems much more sensible. Somehow the double handled tea/coffee-sipping option just didn't seem quite mannerly. But bouillon? Absolutely. Now I've got to go get me some clear broth to sip all fancy-style. (Do I extend both pinkies while doing so?)