Friday, July 13, 2012

From the Doodle-Ma-Tron: Old Rocker

Time was, rock 'n' roll was a kids sport, but the years have passed, and the rockers have aged. Sure, there's always new crops of rockin' youngsters, but it's a now a multi-generational thing. And lots of the kids have drifted off to other genres: hip-hoppish business with drum machines and digi-crafted layers, or wistful indie music with flugelhorns and violas. Not that I'm complaining. I myself mostly occupy the realm of raunchy guitars and balls-out hollering, but I'm plenty interested in the ongoing sprouting of new musical shenanigans. (Though my personal interests veer towards the hip-hoppish. I confess, a lot of the wistful flugelhorn stuff makes me kind of sleepy.)

Oops, we're getting off track: I'm supposed to be talking about this guy. Definitely an old rocker. I was going to complete the doodle by scrawling some back-in-the day band name across his shirt. But then I couldn't figure out which band, which particular sub-genre of rock he'd sprung from. Metal? Seventies stadium rock? Dunno. Anybody got a notion?


  1. Speaking of kids and rockers, these kids crack me up:

    1. Egg-scellent. And the guitar the singer is playing, the black and white one, is something very close to my own beloved Danelectro. Though it's just a little different, and I can't quite figure out exactly what the hell it is. I'm far from a gear-fetishist or axe-expert, but I do own two Dans, the other being the baritone I played with the Bruisers — like a regular guitar but deeper. (Danelectro is a long standing American company that makes cheap, honest, idiosyncratic, cool looking, cool sounding guitars, and I dig 'em. And I've never quite been able to justify spending more than three-hundred-and-change bucks for a guitar that I'm just going to beat on mercilessly.) What is that thing? Some ultra-obscure version? Some weirdly modified one-off. Some other brand that was either copying or being copied by Danelectro? Dunno. It's bugging me. (Wow, that was actually the guitar-nerdiest rumination I've ever had. Forgive me. I'll stop now.)