Monday, July 30, 2012

From Farmer to Hipster in Four Easy Steps!

So Matt challenged me to transform our old farmer into a young hipster with as few changes as possible. I have picked up his gauntlet, and here is the result:

Of course, the essential profile and features remain the same. And the hat. (I suspect the hat was what prompted Matt's challenge. Hat's are one of the foremost areas of of fashion-overlap between old men and young hipsters.) What changed?
  1. Well, I had to take him back a few decades, so I wiped out all the age lines. (Digital botox.)
  2. I gave him a pair of hipster specs (modeled on my own, I confess). Actually, these could just as easily have been worn by our old farmer too. Hipster-hornrims are definitely another old-is-new phenomenon.
  3. I swapped out the stalk of grass for a cigarette. (Grass-chawin' has yet to gain favor with today's youth.)
  4. And I traded in his overalls for a plaid shirt — with a bit of some carefully chosen t-shirt peeking through.1
Not a lot of changes, but definitely a hipster, definitely not a farmer. I'll call that success.

1 Overalls have had their revivals too, though usually dramatically transformed from the standard farmer variety. In the 80s, lots of the guys around where I lived wore those acid-washed overall-shorts, typically with one shoulder strap unbuckled. And as I recall, various sorts of high-waisted pleated/acid-washed jumper/overall sorts of things were popular with the gals (and are once again, with the current wave of 80s retro-chic).


  1. Nice work. I like that you didn't use piercings or facial hair. Still *something* seems missing to me. Maybe we could put a darker black or striped band around the hat, as the hipster versions tend to have?

  2. ..and a tattoo. Don't hipsters have to have tattoos these days?

  3. I agree with both of those edits. It's seeming unlikely that I'll actually implement them — 'cause I'm a bum — but let's go ahead and imagine him with the black hatband and the the tattoo.