Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Katniss, Jr.

So one of Louise's main birthday gifts was a bow. (The "Lil Banshee" — love that name.) It's kid-sized, but it's the real deal, a compound bow, basically a smaller version of the sort that my Virginian hard-core hunter uncle used. (Don't worry; I lectured her endlessly on proper safety protocols, the same sort of lectures I received as a kid when learning to shoot guns.)

You might wonder why an eleven-year-old city girl wants a bow, but if so, then you probably haven't read or seen The Hunger Games, whose protagonist, Katniss, is a bad-ass young gal with some serious archery chops. The books made a big impression on Louise and spawned her new interest in archery. She's not alone. Her friend came over this past weekend for a play date — is it still called a "play date" with eleven-year-olds? — and brought her own longbow. The two young ladies spent hours in the back yard, honing their skills. 

(Personally, I fully support her interest. When the imminent zombie apocalypse arrives, she's going to save our butts. Everyone else in New Orleans will be blasting away at the undead with pistols and assault rifles, but of course noise attracts zombies. So as gunfire draws the creatures into Central City — the adjacent neighborhood with a probably unparalleled arsenal of illicit weapons — we'll sneak out the other way, with Louise on point, silently taking out any zombie threats.)

Look at that face. The girl ain't messing around. (I love that she's in hard-core target-focus mode while wearing a sun dress.)

She practices every day, gradually shooting from farther back and grouping her shots tighter together. (Originally we had a proper target with the different colors and numbers and such, but that was quickly tattered to shreds, so now we've settled for an impromptu target drawn onto the styrofoam backing.)

I made her this quiver from a poster tube and a roll of camouflage duct tape. Looks pretty legit, right? I'm quite proud of it. Man-craft! (You'll note the thematically appropriate mockingjay pin on the strap, another Hunger Games-inspired birthday present, this one from her Grandpa Tom.)


  1. Anonymous1:47 AM

    Check out the St. Gaudens statue of Diana the Goddess of Hunt in the Wikipedia article (towards the bottom of the article). Reminds me of Louise.

    1. Her Uncle Riley would be proud!!

  2. Anonymous7:44 PM

    Im 13 and have a lil banshee and i LOVE it