Sunday, July 29, 2012

My Afternoon Coffee: Pink Polka Dots

I confess, I would never have chosen to drink from this cup but for the sake of the series. Though we've established that I'm not particularly bound by gender-typed aesthetics, pink polka dots just aren't my thing. But over the years, during our many dinner parties, it's been a popular choice with the ladies. And I don't deny it has its charm. Hey, the chicks dig it. Maybe you will too.


  1. I am both a coffee addict and a fan of the series, and while I don't wish to solicit any more order than is necessary or desired, I notice that you've never labeled the My Morning/Afternoon Coffee entries. Out of curiosity, then, I just did a quick, unscientific survey of your archives, and I believe this is your 24th such post (having begun, apparently, with "Demitasse, Late Afternoon last summer). I dare not spoil the surprises to come by asking how deep into the collection we are at this point, but I continue to be awed by its breadth and scope.

    1. Wow, I hadn't realized I'd posted that many. I really can't say exactly how many I have, but it's somewhere on the order of a few dozen. I doubt we'll make the full tour — my attention span isn't that long — but we're definitely not at risk of running out any time soon.