Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Photo by Lulu: Satsuma Tree

Garden of Delights: Continuing the tour of our reinvigorated back yard (through the eyes/photos of Louise), behold our new little Satsuma tree. Someday, with appropriate love, it will turn into nice big Satsuma tree. And once a year, it will bear gobs and gobs of the fruit, our wonderful regional variety of orange (well actually Satsumas apparently came from Japan, but they've settled nicely here in South Louisiana). Easy to peel, delicious. Mmm. And during this annual fruiting, we will have more Satsumas than we know what to do with. We will eat as many as we can. And we will force bags full of them upon everyone we know. I say this because everyone I know with an adult Satsuma tree goes through this annual ritual. Well, there are worse problems to have. (I like Lulu's composition, the crisp green leaves against the geometric lines of the bamboo fence.)

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  1. I'll have a satsuma. Deelicious!!