Friday, July 27, 2012

Photo by Lulu: Spiky Liriope

Garden of Delights: It took me a while to remember what this plant is called, even though I just got it a few weeks ago. (Though I've become an avid gardener, I'm still terrible at remembering the names of plants, so people will ask me, "Oh, what's that?" to which I must lamely respond, "Uh... I forget.") This post was originally titled "... Spiky Whatchyamacallit". But I had that tip-of-the-tongue thing: L.. L... Something with an L. I briefly settled on Lariam, but Google revealed that that's actually an anti-malarial medicine. And then at last I remembered, Lariope! Though Google then corrected me and informed me that it's actually spelled Liriope. Whatever. It looks cool.

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