Thursday, July 19, 2012


I will make an assertion. I will assert that the following three hairstyles are intended to make a statement:
  1. Mohawks
  2. Mullets
  3. Dreadlocks
  4. One might say that they have a "wow"-factor, at least in their more extreme forms. So when I saw this guy rocking not one but all three of these styles simultaneously, I was... well... just... wow-wow-wow. 

Mohawk + Mullet + Dreadlocks = Triple-Wow

I can't claim any actual fondness for the aesthetics of the look, but I suppose one might at least admire his ingenuity in combining these disparate styles into one singular 'do-trifecta.


  1. What do we call it? A Modreadlet? A Hawklocklet? Dreadmulhawk?

    1. Wow, yeah. I hadn't even thought about a name. I'm liking "Dreadmulhawk" — 's'got a good ring to it. (Well, in as much as a name for such a thing can have a good ring.)