Sunday, August 05, 2012

Balcony of Delights: Droplets on "Bird of Paradise" Leaf

As mentioned, our back yard has undergone a major spruce up. And more recently, I revived my little balcony: got a couple new chairs, planted some fresh plants, got things nice and crisp. Not only are the plants groovy and lush and tropical and pretty, but they also deflect some of the summer sun's harsh light, making the balcony actually tolerable — even almost temperate — for significant swathes of the day. (Well, the plants help, but the real shade-magic these days comes from my beloved willow, which now enshrouds the balcony in a wall of foliage. Though I vigorously prune the rest of the tree — because it's a beast — I'm letting the house-ward side continue to expand, currently around the balcony, but soon, overhead. I intend for the balcony to eventually inhabit a sort of "room" carved with hedge clippers in the midst of the great willowing creature.)

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