Sunday, August 26, 2012

Oh, Isaac

Oh, Isaac. I'm not amused. Time was, a hurricane warning was sort of fun. It had been so long since a really nasty storm had come along, and no one worried too much. Work got cancelled. We had "hurricane parties". Maybe the power went out for a while. Maybe some limbs were blown down. No biggee.

Katrina killed that vibe. This year, seven years out, I might actually have forgotten its imminent anniversary — what not so long ago was a major annual milestone — but Isaac brings it back to the forefront of the mind. School has already been cancelled through Wednesday. Now we wait in that irksome indeterminate limbo: Will Isaac drift off or fizzle into nothing? Will we hunker down for a moderate blow? Or will we be loading up the cars — kids and cats and elderly aunts — and heading for higher ground?

Oh, Isaac...


  1. :( Hoping for the best

  2. Obliged. Though these things are inherently unpredictable, it's not looking to bad right now, so we're optimistic that all will be well.

  3. Hang tough, Slimbo and family.