Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Surfin' Safari

We were on the Carolina coast, where there are waves a person can actually surf on, and so we signed the girls up for an afternoon surfing lesson. (For a while it wasn't clear that the lessons would happen because we had signed up through the Oak Island rec center, but the classes were actually taught by a gaggle of teenage surf dudes — funny, tan, skinny little guys, at least one of whom had been down here recently for the big Lutheran teen conference — and we paid for the lesson in advance, but then it stormed for a couple of days, and the classes were cancelled, but then Thursday was clear, and so classes were on, so we met at the pier where we were supposed to meet, but then we waited and waited, and then we started to think we'd fallen prey to the old "Lutheran Surf School Switcharoo", but then they showed up late — they are teenager surfers after all — and the class was awesome.) And my girls can surf. A bit. But really actually. (I'd given them preliminary "surf lessons" the day before on a borrowed board. I don't actually know how to surf, so my qualifications as a surf instructor were questionable, but I had watched a how-to video on YouTube beforehand, so I figured it was all good.) They were some of the first kids to catch waves and stand, they repeatedly caught waves, and they even rode some waves all the way in to shore. Woot! (It's funny wondering what sort of youth subculture my children will fall into. At that moment, "surfer chicks" seemed entirely plausible.)

Lulu surfing "goofy foot": right foot forward, left back. There's actually a test to determine if a person is "regular foot" or "goofy foot". Have the person stand upright, both feet even, and push them forward. Whichever foot they naturally step forward with to stabilize themselves is the foot they should put forward on the board. It's their natural stance. (I learned this from the YouTube video.)

June ("regular foot"), catching a wave all the way up to the beach.

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