Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sunday Morning, Central City: Church Gable with Cross

I don't go to church, but I like taking pictures of churches. And Sunday morning, as I cycle by, I like hearing, through the heavy wooden doors, the preacher's riling sermon or the congregation's voices joined in song.1 And of course churches are a thematically appropriate subject for our Sunday morning series.2 And we have a lot of them scattered through our neighborhoods, no great cathedrals, often humble little places, but evocative in their way.

1 Growing up, though not religious, I always found myself singing along with the hymns during my Episcopal school's Friday morning services. I love any kind of group singing. The unison of voices is, in and of itself, a fine and glorious thing.

2 And I suppose my little Sunday morning rides are my own sort of communion — with the quiet, with the magical light, with whatever it is that gives those hours their singular quality.


  1. Anonymous11:25 AM

    Beautiful. Is the sky really that blue?

    1. I'm prone to playing a little fast and loose with color saturation, am fond of dialing it up a bit for a bit of visual pop. That being said, the sky was pretty darn blue.