Monday, November 12, 2012

From the Doodle-Ma-Tron: Kid in Striped Shirt

I tend to draw older folks, folks with a full backstory, folks whose lives (and faces) are fully etched. (All those facial lines are fun to draw. Youngsters, in a way, require more restraint.) But Little Jimmy Stripes here1 is not the least bit etched and has accrued only a wee smitten of backstory.

One of the fun things, though, about digi-drawing is that it's never necessarily finished: one can endlessly layer and erase and embellish and revamp.2 And I'm wondering what Jimmy would look like if we revamped him into the future, gave him some backstory, etched some age into his open countenance, actualized his potential. Which is a complicated way of saying, I wonder what he'll he be when he grows up? A doctor? A cowboy? A carny barker? A power broker? A film theorist? All of the above? (What would that look like?) So many possibilities. And we (well, I) can make any or all of them come true! (Well, true in as much as a cartoonish rendering from a Doodle-Ma-Tron can be true.) What will he be? Let's draw it! I'm open to suggestions.

1 He reminds me a bit of Bobby from King of the Hill.

2 We've played this sort of "revamping" game before.


  1. Anonymous1:02 PM

    James is not a happy camper :-(

    1. He looks like Malcolm Moon to me and I think he has eaten too many moon pies!

    2. Okay, unhappy camper — Revamp #1. Will do. (And yes, it appears his wee smitten of a back story may be full of woe. (I also tend to draw sorrowful folks.))

    3. Okay, Malcolm Moon — Revamp #2. Not sure exactly who Malcolm Moon is or what he looks like, but we'll find out.