Thursday, November 15, 2012

Jimmy Stripes: "Unhappy Camper"

So the game: take our lil' Jimmy Stripes and revamp his illo into a future (or in this case alternate) persona. Anonymous observed that Jimmy is an "unhappy camper", and I've cheekily/over-literally1 taken this as a revamp-suggestion. So now, Jimmy Stripes the Unhappy Camper!2

Next up: Malcolm Moon! (I've got some notions, Bibi.)

1 I am, by nature, both cheeky and over-literal.

2 And who's the first "unhappy camper" who popped into my mind? Sam from Moonrise Kingdom. (If you haven't taken a gander, it's worth a check-out.) So, Jimmy à la Sam.


  1. Anonymous2:12 PM

    Nope. He's still unhappy. Do boy scouts get medals for being happy?

    1. He may not be happy, but he's got a coonskin cap, and isn't that the important thing?