Sunday, December 02, 2012

Man in Green Shirt

He's definitely got a story. And it ain't a particular happy one. (My doodle-characters tend towards the morose.) I wonder what sad memory or regret he's pondering. Hmm...


  1. This is Oscar and he is sad. But he can not remember why so now he is even more sad!

  2. Gus Morales is his name but his game is in gestation.

  3. Gus accidentally ran over his wife in their driveway while she was unloading made groceries from the trunk of their car. Unfortunately, she did not survive the accident. Gus was rushing out to play the daily number and he forgot that his wife, LaDonna, was still behind the car. Gus had the nerve to leave his wife's body in the driveway while he went to play the numbers. But he did hit a small amount that day. From then on Gus became a compulsive gambler and took to drinking bourbon neat very heavily. Gus became more forlorn and sullen. He started to get into fist fights at bars. He was 86-ed from most bars because of his brawlin'. He then lost his job as a foreman at the cigar plant and slowly lost most of his friends. Gus then started to work for a shady group of people as an enforcer. He regained some measure of stability, but the abyss yawned and hissed under him as he walked the tightrope everyday and night.