Thursday, December 06, 2012

Meet Floyd

Meet Floyd. He's a good dog. He's a very good dog. And now he's our dog. He was going to be a euthanized dog, but now he's our dog, and I think we can all agree that's a much better outcome. Reasons he's a very good dog:
  • He's hilarious.
  • He's 25 lbs. which is a perfect dog size.
  • He's very sweet.
  • He's a mutt. (Mutts are the best.) We figure maybe some Blue Heeler plus something smaller and sort of sausagey.
  • His name is Floyd, which is awesome. He came with the name, though we know nothing else of his origins. It's a good country name, reminds me of old timers back in Virginia. (Plus if he is indeed part Blue Heeler, then he's part herding dog, and herding dogs should always have monosyllabic names so one can efficiently shout instructions to them as they round up and move the livestock. Back on the farm, all our sheep dogs always had monosyllabic names.)
  • He mostly doesn't try to eat the cats.
  • The cats mostly don't try to claw him.
  • I'm not sure what he ate before he became our dog, but he's kind of confused about dog food and isn't quite convinced it's edible. But if we add parmesan cheese, he becomes convinced that it's very delicious and scarfs it all up.
  • He really likes long walks, which is good because I like long walks, and when we go on long walks he pees everywhere and I take pictures of everything — photos of shadows and flowers and stuff — and then I post those here. And sometimes they're pretty good.
  • He looks and acts a little bit like Penny, one of the best dogs ever. (Penny's long good life ended last year. We didn't want to get a new dog right away, but now it was getting to be time again — I'd started eying the neighborhood strays — and then Floyd came along, and voila!)
  • Delilah likes to go on walks with Floyd almost as much as she liked to go on walks with Penny.
  • He gets sort of confused by steps and spends a long time thinking about them before climbing them which is sort of funny.
  • He thinks maybe he would like to chase and catch a motorcycle, which of course we don't actually let him do. What would happen if he caught one? "Man, this big weird shiny animal tastes terrible!"
  • He's afraid of puddles.
  • He has a very funny prancy walk and his tail curves straight up and flickers happily back and forth as he trots along.
  • He barks at dogs on the television.
  • He drinks coffee. Really. I'll be hanging out on the balcony with him, drinking a morning cup of joe, and he'll come and start lapping up the inky black bitter stuff. I let him do this a teeny bit because: a) It's hilarious. b) Any dog that drinks coffee is clearly my soulmate. I only let him do it a teeny bit because: a) I'm not sure a highly caffeinated Floyd would be a good thing. b) I want my coffee. Back off dog. c) I'm not entirely enthused about having my beverage lapped up by the same tongue that is used to lick doggy hinder-bits.
  • He's just all around really cool and good-natured.
So you can see, he is indeed a very good dog. Good boy, Floyd.


  1. Kirsten in Chi-town8:47 PM

    he's living it up in the lap of luxury, good ol' Floyd. any estimates on his age?

    1. They figured around two; not a puppy but still a youngster.

  2. I like the look in Floyd's eyes. You can tell a lot by the eyes. I think Floyd is going to be a good fit. I had never heard of a Blue Heeler. Fine looking dog. Go Floyd!

  3. Anonymous11:47 AM

    Oh, I fell a little bit in love with him after reading this. Especially the coffee bit. I can't wait to meet him. Some thoughts:
    1) Floyd may, in fact, be a better dog name than a person name.
    2) my rescue dog James ALSO prefers his dog food with parmesan. Even 7 years later.
    3) Mutts are the best, but difficult to date/age properly. They told me my 70lb dog was full grown when we brought him home at 30lbs. Don't be surprised.

  4. Anonymous12:18 AM

    He is a handsome fella! Ruby and I can't wait to meet him!

  5. Anonymous9:30 AM

    Only a true "in love with my dog" dog owner watches how their dog's tails move while walking them.
    On a different tail activity.... one of my dogs have their tail straight out while they poop. & the other has his tail curled when his poops.
    Have a happy life with Floyd.Thanks for adopting a mutt!

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