Monday, December 17, 2012

Pre-Dawn Sounds

  • The buzzing of the electric wire that always buzzes when the air is wet
  • Somewhere to the left, the on-again off-again hooting of an owl
  • A cat fight
  • The caws of a  murder of crows, travelling, near right to straight out far away
  • The perpetual cresting and falling of distant Claiborne traffic
  • Briefly, up the street, a loud man's voice
  • An idling truck
  • The soft hopping of Pearl, between the potted plants, through the railing, exploring the balcony's perimeter, then back again, then out again, then back again, according to her feline whims
  • The first staccato drops of rain, which then stops, then starts, then stops, then starts again, following its meteorological whims
  • The thunk of a car door, a neighbor off to work
  • Across the street, the meows of another cat, unseen, unhappy about something
  • A squeaking rattling bicycle
Then dawn, which makes no sound at all, indeterminate through the cover of clouds, making itself known only by the change from dark purple- to mid-gray.

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous9:05 PM

    And if there was no one to hear there would be no pre dawn sounds!!