Monday, January 14, 2013

Look, Ma! I Built a Shed!

Nice, huh? And I built the whole dang thing my dang old self right from scratch. I didn't actually know what I was doing, but (with plenty of help from Google1) it came out alright.2 Some notable features:
  • It fulfills its primary purpose as a shed: holding stuff, specifically all the crap that used to be crammed into the laundry room. (Getting to the laundry machines used to require spelunking through a tunnel of rakes and shovels and bicycles and saws and such.)
  • It has lots of teeny tiny little shelves tucked into all sorts of cozy corners, places for all the teeny tiny tools and such that previously just devolved into a big mess. (It also has big shelves, places for the big stuff that also devolved into the aforementioned big mess.)
  • As I was framing it out, the girls went around, scribbling all sorts of funny little messages, which are still visible in the finished building, tucked in funny little corners. I like to think how those funny little messages will still be there many years from now, when the girls are big grown up ladies.
  • It has a little transom window, which I didn't plan, but which just sort of happened when I had walled up everything except that bit above the door, and then it became obvious that that bit above the door should be a transom window instead of a wall.
  • The colors match the house. (I managed to find the old paint samples from our post-Katrina remodel.)
  • It will be swarmed by banana trees, judiciously planted around the back perimeter (part of my Operation "Guerilla Banana", in which I have covertly surrounded our side and back property lines with banana trees and other fast-growing foliage, blocking from view the unsightly doctors' offices behind us and the abandoned house next door).
  • It has a secret ladder (behind the bamboo) leading up to a secret rooftop clubhouse (really just the plain old roof, but when one builds a secret ladder leading up to it, that plain old roof implicitly becomes a secret rooftop clubhouse).
Cool huh? And a lot of fun to build.3

1 Plus some farm-rearin' (we built a lot of fences, and I  helped build a barn once) plus a lot of This Old House-watching back in the day.

2 I feel it achieves its stylistic target: rustic low-road New Orleans vernacular, subtly updated for the 21st century. The askew shelves, the various carpentry-blunders and jury-rigged-recoveries — all evocative of this mode. (If I wear fancy glasses, cobble together some little notion of a building, and slap on some conceptual fancy-talk, does that officially make me an architect?4 )

3 Yeah, I realize I have an odd idea of fun, a consequence to my semi-pathological need to almost always be making something.

4 Sorry, architects. I kid because I love.

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  1. Cool! I am glad your farm rearng came in handy. You done us proud!!