Monday, January 21, 2013

My Little Buddy

My little woodpecker buddy is back. I sit on the balcony; he twitters around the willow tree. (He doesn't seem to mind that his pecking territory is now infringed on by a tree house.1) We're about ten feet apart. I feel we've created a sort of friendship. Except that he has no idea I exist. He is really just interested in bugs that live inside that tree. And I'm not a bug. And I don't live inside that tree. It's an asymmetrical relationship. But we must accept our friends as they are. Oh,well.

1 Whoah, actually I just saw a cat2 scamper up and use the treehouse as a base for trying to catch the woodpecker. But Mr. Woodpecker clearly has things under control and has just flitted off to a more remote branch

2 Blackie, I think. We have several communal cats on the block that have no single home, but make the rounds to all the houses. (They receive appropriate veterinary maintenance from the die-hard cat lady across the street). They're all either black or black and white, and they have a hodgepodge of varying names at the different houses they visit. (Our next door neighbor calls them all "Poo-poo", which he says as a term of endearment and which is, in the context, not the least bit scatological.) An enumeration (using my names for them):
  • Barry. Barry is the alpha, a giant black furry fellow, named (by our across-the-street neighbor) after Barry White, because he's all about the love, an affectionate fearless fellow. (Ironically, he has the tiniest little high-pitched meow.) Barry has no notion of territory and goes wherever he wants (which drives our little cat-gal, Pearl, crazy). Barry once sauntered in our back door, meandered around, and even went upstairs for a look-see.
  • Blackie, the aforementioned would-be woodpecker-nabber. Blackie travels with his sister, Otisha (see below), a little gang. Blackie is the good-cop, a guarded but reasonably likable fellow.
  • Otisha, the sister is black and white. (I don't actually know the gender of these cats, but I've just sort of ascribed genders to them.) I named Otisha after our former cat, Otis, of whom she is the near-spitting image. Otisha plays bad-cop — the tough — in the sibling gang. For a while I was feeding them. (I figured our across the neighbor cat-lady feeds them, I should do my part too. I'm a soft touch.) Blackie would come up to the door and look polite and pleading. Otisha — particularly skittish — would hang back and furiously meow, aggressively howl, demanding to be fed. Eventually her goonish bullying became so intolerable that I had to cut them off. (The neighbor still feeds them — she's an even softer touch — so they don't go hungry.)
  • Pedro. Pedro is a loner. He occasionally showed up with the others, but he mostly keeps to himself, maintaining a very low profile. (The name: he has markings on his upper lip that look like the caricatured big swooping mustaches of Mexican characters in old Western movies.)

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    I love the description of the kitties.