Wednesday, January 02, 2013

New Year

And so we rang in the New Year: three-ish days of multiple rounds of socializing, from wild to mild; the count-down to midnight, kids giddy to be up; the crackity-crack-crack of fireworks, the distant rhythmic pop-pop-pop-pop-pop of pistols fired into the air. And New Year's morning, after a couple coolish cloudy days, I woke early1 and stepped out on the balcony to find a mild and lovely morning.2 And the light, the golden light, the light that makes the whole world beautiful. I take this as a good sign, the harbinger of a good year to come.3

1 At age 40, I have a case of old man-itis: I don't sleep in. Stay up late? Up early. Stay up two nights in a row? Up early and early. A double edged sword: I like being the first up, but I also like sleep. All wake and no sleep makes Slim a dull boy. Oh well, 'tis what 'tis.

2 I'm thinking of renaming this blog "Photos of Random Crap, Attention Deficit Drawings, and Babblings About Weather".

3 I'm celebrating the new year by building a shed. (I'm not much good at doing nothing, and my idea of a fun winter break is constructing a small building.) This project has the additional benefit of keeping June busy. She too needs projects. And so she's been my near-constant shed-building companion, helping measure boards and just generally hanging around and being good company. (And I dog-proofed the yard so Floyd could hang too.) Louise also helps, though she's inherited her mom's ability to lounge about for hours reading a good book and doesn't require the same level of busy-bee-ness. I rewarded the girls for their assistance by letting them choose the radio station, and as a consequence, I heard a significant portion of B97's (the teeny-bopper pop station's) ninety-seven biggest hits of the year. (I heard everything from the mid-nineties to the low-fifties, a lot of plaintive laments about the anguish of young love.) I've never built a shed before, but with a bit of Google-magic and a splash of old farm boy know-how, it's coming along just fine.

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