Thursday, January 24, 2013

Ten-ish Layers

As requested, a photo of me in my ten-ish-layer get up. Suave, huh?1 But you know what? Ain't no one else around on my balcony at 5:30 AM (or any other time, for that matter). And I'm mighty cozy. And that's that.

1 I took a previous snap, but I forgot I was still wearing one of those Breathe-Right nose-strips from overnight,2 and I thought "Oh, I'd better take that off. That looks dorky."

2 Yeah, I wear those overnight nose-strip things. I'm sniffly.3 Mock me.

3 This is turning into one of those tell-all confessional memoirs — except instead of shocking scandals, I'm just revealing crushingly inane daily mundanities.4

 4 I was pleased to discover that "mundanity" actually is a legitimate variant of "mundane".


  1. Kirsten in the frozen tundra8:40 PM

    ok...back to the demitasse collection! yikes!

    1. strange girl in the frozen tundra9:24 AM

      wouldn't a nose-strip count as another layer?

    2. I am glad you are not here in Possum Hollow, Slimbo, where it has been 12 or 13 degrees for 3 mornings in a row. You and your layers would be just a blimp!!