Thursday, February 07, 2013

Blacked Out

I spend very little time on Facebook these days. But I do tend to check it during Saints games, for the trash talking and the play-by-play jokes and laments. And I was also checking it during the Super Bowl, seeing what folks were saying about our hometown hosting.

And then the Dome lights went out.1 And then Facebook lit up. The general reaction was hilarity. And many of the posts were hilarious. I feel compelled to share a few of my favorites.2 (Attributions are hard. Quotes were getting passed around. Lets just credit Funny People on Facebook.)
"Entergy saying 2-3 weeks. Everyone be patient."
A reference to the gruesomely long power outages folks many folks around here endured after Hurricane Isaac. (Entergy is our power company.)3
"It's ok, Superdome. We've all blacked out in New Orleans at one time or another."
(See, 'cause sometimes people drink heavily down here, and...) And my favorite:
"Oh, now someone gives a damn about the people without power in the Superdome!"
Zing! ('Cause you see, there was this storm called Katrina...)4 Why is the darkest humor always the funniest?

1 This post assumes you are one of the many people who watched the Super Bowl and know what I'm talking about.

2 This post would have made more sense about three days ago, but timeliness has never been my forte.

3 If I'm having to explain the jokes, does that kill the humor? Should I just have left it at "You had to be there."

4 There were others with a similar theme: "FEMA says it will be arriving with supplies in 5-7 days," etc.

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  1. Kirsten in the rain-soaked tundra9:08 AM

    interesting to see what lights up FB - this and the farmer commercial. I liked the pic of John Harbaugh ranting "Moooo-om, Jim turned out the lights!"