Thursday, February 21, 2013


I just had to replace the tire on my wheelbarrow. On the tire it says "Not for highway use." Damn! I wish I'd known that before I bought it.1

1 I would never have thought of driving a wheelbarrow on the highway, but now that they placed the notion in my mind, I can't help but ponder the logistics. You'd need:
  • A couple more (presumably not-for-highway-use) tires, mounted on those back corner thingies. (Whatever they're called. The little stands that the wheelbarrow sits on when its not wheeling.2)
  • An engine, something small enough to fit but powerful enough to get the thing up to highway speeds, maybe a good scooter engine.
  • A seat, something amply padded. That wheelbarrow is going to be bouncing and shuddering pretty hard.
  • A robust seat belt.
  • Old-fashioned aviator helmet and goggles. Any madcap mishap-prone vehicular adventure requires an old-fashioned aviator helmet and goggles.
Yeah, that should work.

2 When a wheelbarrow's not wheeling, is it just a barrow? What is a barrow?


  1. Here's one way to do it:

    1. Ah, that's an option. (Geez, that looks so dangerous.) And I suppose I hadn't really taken into account the motorized unicycle option. Balancing the thing upright would be a trick, but it's theoretically possible.

  2. Anonymous5:02 PM

    Maybe one of those motorized chairs with baskets in supermarkets for old people would be useful. And wouldn't you look great driving one with helmet, aviator goggles and a very long scarf! You could even use it at Safeway :-) Here comes the Super-Ace!!!

  3. Hey dude, seriously consider a solid rubber replacement wheel. It will never go flat again!

  4. By me, yes.