Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Kitchen Door Frame

Since June just turned nine, I of course had to mark her height on the kitchen door frame. (I need to go back over it with a better Sharpie.)  My grandparents used to do this on their kitchen door frame. I remember seeing my markings over the years from sproutling to biggun'. And we've continued the tradition in our house, with our children. We lost the markings from before Katrina — the floodwaters eradicated those1 — but we've kept a steady record ever since. The girls get a bit competitive over who's taller, but you can see, they're closely matched.

1 As this photo from back in the day shows, the floodwaters in the house came up to almost exactly Louise's height at the time. That photo has quirky parallels. It shows the graduated water lines that marked the varying heights of the rising and falling floodwaters,2 much as these mark the heights of children. And lil' Louise, standing up to the lines, measuring herself, seeing how she compares...

2 Those flood lines marked everything, striping buildings in every direction as far as one could see, all the stripes perfectly even, made level by the flat plane of the floodwaters.


  1. What a cute use of a door frame! My husband and I were thinking about getting a new door frame, and if we do, I would love to do something like this. I think that it's such a cute idea to measure your children's growth. I would love to be able to look at the measurements years in the future, and remember how small my children once were.

    Sara Welsh |

  2. When I was a child, we did this in my house. Each one of the 4 kids had their own door frame in the house. I wanted so badly to continue that tradition with my boys. However, we are not in our forever home and I remember the tears when my parents sold our childhood home. Enjoy!

    Giovanni @ Coastal Contract Hardware