Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Garden Therapy

I'm not sure gardening is that much cheaper than a seeing a shrink — at least early on: those plants ain't free — but it might be just as effective. The therapeutic value of digging holes, sticking plants in the ground, and watching them grow is, for me at least, tremendous. After a long week of spinning the bits and bytes, pure intensive brainwork, getting up and out early on a weekend morning, into the garden, is near pure delight: moving the muscles, feeling the sun, smelling the dirt, and taking part in the magic of cultivating life. And then standing back and surveying the fruits of my labors, all my little green children growing up: the horsetails filling in; the irises thriving; the bamboo towering; the satsuma budding; the jasmine climbing, spreading fresh bright leaves; the banana trees sprouting new spring growth... Makes me proud and gratified


  1. Kirsten in the re-frozen tundra10:33 AM

    agreed! hope you share pics!

    1. Gardening certainly produces much more lovely results than seeing a shrink!