Monday, March 04, 2013

Guerilla Gardening

My"horsetail" haul

I like "guerilla gardening". This weekend, I undertook two converse guerilla gardening operations: (1) I planted plants from a neglected lot in my garden. (2) I planted nursery-bought plants in a neglected lot. (Pleasantly symmetrical, non?)
  1.  A while back I planted some "horsetails" in my back garden, lovely spiky reedy things. They look nice. They've been gradually filling in. I thought it would be nice to have a whole bunch of them, but over at the nursery, a whole bunch of them is a big bunch of change. But then while walking Floyd, I discovered a huge patch of them growing in an abandoned lot around the corner. So... I helped myself, dug up and transplanted as much as I could haul, as much as I could want. Better that they beautify my garden than grow neglected amongst weeds.
  2. The house next door has sat vacant and blighted for years now. The owners mow the yard but nothing else. And it's surrounded by a big nasty chain link fence. I hate that fence. So... I bought some star jasmine and planted it at several points along its perimeter. With time, that ugly fence will become a bursting throng of beautiful flowers with a glorious smell.
Down with ugliness! Up with plants!


  1. I like your guerilla gardening. I regularly dig up ferns, flowering weeds, etc. that I like from around the farm and transplant in the yard.

  2. You might like to try growing the very fragrant Cupani Sweet Pea on the fence.