Monday, April 08, 2013

The Best Medicine

I've expressed my love of old ska before, but I've realized it's more than just a fondness. For me, old ska is positively medicinal. I cannot feel tired or grumpy or down while or after listening to it.1 Some magic ska endorphin is released in my brain,2 and all is well; not just well but joyous. I'm mighty glad for this realization: ska is indeed the best medicine.3

1 Right now at 5:50 AM, I'm listening to old Maytals,a and goddamn! I'm feeling ready for the day.
a By the way, that ska-harmonica thing is totally true. In the past five songs, I've heard at least two with harmonica. And look at the lineup credits of the Skatalites, one of the major-est groups in this genre: Charles 'Charlie Organaire' Cameron on harmonica and organ. (I'm not surprising that he does both: they're used in similar ways in different songs — beat-DAH, beat-DAH, beat-DAH and then maybe an occasional melodic riff.)
2 No, not that magic ska endorphin.

3 Your mileage may very, but I bet you have some analog, some music that brings you this same sort of joy. (I'd be curious to hear what it is.)

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  1. Zouk, Cape Verdean and Angolan musics, straight ahead swingin' jazz quintets and this