Monday, May 20, 2013



  1. Anonymous9:25 PM

    He looks like he is headed over to the race track to put his money on Miss Daisy!

  2. Tony Mendez likes sleazy bars and loud music. He started out as a fisherman out on the Gulf. After 9.5 years of hauling fish, he quit one day saying that he hated the stink of fish on his hands. He tried the lemon wash but that didn't help at all. It was in his pores for good. Tony then befriended a group of buskers who played everything from alt-prog-honky-tonk country rock to cowpunk to darkwave to dream-jangle pop to sadcore to ska punk. Tony then learned to play tambourine which eventually began to smell fishy too. Tony approached a healer about the fishy smell which at this point was starting to drive him slightly bonkers. She prescribed her lemon-lime suit that she especially made for Tony. Tony wore the suit faithfully even through the heat and humidity of a NOLA summer. Mirabile dictu! Gone is the fishy odor. He can still play tambourine, in fact now better than ever. Tony loves his suit so much that he sleeps in it. Now the only smell on Tony is the constant stale beer odor lingering wafting from sitting in countless dive bars