Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Floyd has a stuffed animal. We call it Lovey because he loves it so much. It started off life looking like a trippy cartoon horse (sort of), a cheap thing bought at the grocery store. It has a poofy stuffed spherical torso and rope arms and legs and a poofy head and poofy feet. Well, had. They've been severed by Floyd's rough love1, leaving only the spherical torso and rope limb-stumps. This could be dehumanizing (or de-trippy-horse-ifying), but Lovey's lovable persona somehow remains intact, adored as ever by Floyd.

Actually Floyd has two Lovey's. We bought him various other dog toys: fancy ones from the pet store. He ignored them. Only the cheap Lovey captured his affection. So when the first one was disfigured, we bought him a second. Soon it too was headless and half-limbless. But he loved his second Lovey just as much as the first, prancing around with the one or the other, interchangeably.

Actually he has four Lovey's. Realizing that only the Loveys captured Floyd's attention, last time I was at the store, I stocked up, bought a two more, their whole available supply.2 These are thus far unmaimed. (Floyd having so many options, they've yet to receive his full loving abuse.) Lovey, Lovey, Lovey, Lovey.

1 Floyd loves to play tough-of-war with his Lovey. One by one, the extremities gave way.

2 As I checked out, the sullen bagging girl paused, held one in each hand, for a few long seconds looking back and forth at them with blank curiosity, I suppose wondering what was up with these trippy horses and why this man was buying two of them, then went on with her business.

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  1. Anonymous9:21 PM

    I am glad Floyd has such a 'loving father" to give him so many Lovrys!!