Tuesday, June 25, 2013

"But < God"

I confess, I'm a little confused by this. If anyone can explain it to me, I'd be obliged.


  1. I saw this recently and was perplexed as well. I finally concluded that it's a shout-out to faith: that God will always be greater than any excuses we can come up with. Whether it's an excuse about not doing something we know we should or an excuse about why we think something won't work out....
    I think it would have been easier to read if arranged left to right, starting with God. I also think I could be way off base from the writer's intent. What you got?

  2. Anonymous11:28 AM

    I agree, I think the arrow is facing the wrong way. Not that it helps much. I think the intention is to reference the many bible quotes that have those two words together. There are a lot of popular bible verses that talk about how horrible life is "but God..." sacrificed his only son, blessed so-and-so with a child, stopped the plague, etc etc. My interpretation. Also, great shot. One of my favorites.
    Teresa in Cali.