Sunday, July 21, 2013

Lament of a Thwarted Lawn Mower1

Every day it rains.
My grass is six feet high,
How can I ever cut it,
When it's never

1 I mean "lawn mower" as in "person who mows a lawn" (me), not as in "motorized lawn mowing machine". (This gets complicated. If we accept this other sense of the term, as we must — what else do you call a person mowing a lawn? — then it's perfectly sensible to say that "the lawn mower [person] was pushing the lawn mower [machine]".a Hmm... (I need more (or less) coffee.))
a I have a small plot of lawn so I just use a weed wacker: I'm a "lawn mower wielding a weed wacker". (But then when I actually use it to wack weeds, I'm a "weed wacker wielding a weed wacker". Hmm...)

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