Monday, August 26, 2013

Fantasy Dorkiness

I know comparatively little about football. I like football. I can greatly enjoy a Saints game, follow the action, keep tabs on the main Saints players. But who's the quarterback for the Oakland Raiders? Couldn't tell ya. Who's the highest ranked running back in the league? Couldn't tell ya. Which major player got embroiled in which major scandal this week? Couldn't... Etc.

But I play in the fantasy football league at work.1 I've done it for a couple of years, and I've done pretty well, beating a lot of guys who know twenty times as much as I do. My theory is that, to be good at this goofy game, it's best to know a lot about football or almost nothing at all. (A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing.) The folks in the middle have hunches and notions (so-and-so is going to have a breakout year...), and they're often wrong. I couldn't even tell you who I've got on my team right now. I just know they've got good stats.2 (Isn't that that whole Moneyball thing?). And I know I'll beat a lot of those guys with a lot hunches and notions.

This year, by the way, I plan to crush.

1 Dudes are dorks. Football may be hyper-macho, but a fantasy-football draft is a big nerd-fest. (Of course, women play fantasy football too, and I'm sure they're equally capable of dorkiness, but I work in software engineering, so it's almost all dudes anyway (though my daughter is fixin' to fix that). Add to that the male-tilt of fantasy football, and the result: this draft was all dude-dorks.)

2 Actually I have two criteria: the player must have good stats, and they must play for a city I like. (I don't even mean a team I like, about which I often have no opinion. I mean the city itself. And I tend to like old hard-times cities (not unlike New Orleans). I usually end up with at lease one player from Detroit.)


  1. Anonymous6:07 PM

    How do you play this game?

  2. Love it Slimbo, good luck! I hope your team name is some Ada Lovelace reference.