Monday, August 19, 2013


I should get a herd of dairy cows and seal the deal. I've in general, in recent years, drifted towards farmer's hours: early to bed, early to rise...1 This morning though, for no good reason, I sprung up wide awake at the ungodly hour of four-thirty. Now I've got nothing to do but sit here in the dark, imagining a passel2 of cattle3 roaming around my teeny back yard, grazing on my purple queen.

1 I can thankfully claim health. I'm not so sure about the wealth or wisdom.

2 "Passel": good word.

3 I grew up on a sheep farm. Sheep require plenty of work. But I had a great uncle who was a dairy farmer, and that always struck me as the most relentless form of farming: a bunch of mama cows that have to be milked early every single morning, then again every evening; and a whole long day in between to toil away: no thanks.


  1. I have sheep, and I always think of getting cows... and then decide not to, for the reasons described. :)

  2. Once you get your herd of dairy cows , Slimbo, you will have give up your vacations. As you say, they have to be milked morning and night. Growing up we could never go away over night because we had to be home to milk the cows. And, there were no "cow sitters/milkers " to call in!!