Saturday, September 21, 2013

DJ Tiny

We're suckers. This wandering little guy showed up on our porch Saturday afternoon. I couldn't help but bring him in. Just for a few hours until we found a neighbor-owner nearby. No dice. Okay, foster him for a few days until we find him a new home. (We've got a dog and two cats. Of course we can't have another animal.) Yeah...... no. Sarah, who normally plays hard-ball in such matters, broke down first. And I'm a soft-touch from the get-go. So. We have a new dog.

His name is DJ Tiny, a ridiculous name, one that Louise made up in a silly riff on what we would call him during his "temporary" stay, but it stuck; so "DJ Tiny" he is, "DJ" for short, (or "Tiny", and I sometimes like to call him "Biggie Smalls"). He's three months old and barely over three pounds./1 He is, as best as we can tell, Chihuahua plus somethin'-somethin'./2 He's absurd and cuddly and crushingly cute. 

Welcome to the family, DJ.

1 Sarah went to the store to buy him a harness so we could walk him. The dog harnesses were all way too big. The cat harnesses were too big. The only thing that fits him is a kitten harness.

2 We're not "small dog people", but he's not the least bit yippy, doesn't have that uber-hyper demeanor some little dogs have. He's more like an incredibly goofy cat.

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  1. Mary T8:13 AM

    OMG!!! I LOVE him. Soooo happy for you!!