Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Joe the Skeleton's New Big, Very Exciting Day1

Perhaps you remember Joe the Skeleton. Perhaps you don't. A recap. Joe is a skeleton. He wears a funny hat. He has big exciting days. And he does whatever the readers say he does (a sort of crowd-sourced bloggy choose-your-own-adventure).

Now, after retreating from the limelight for a spell, Joe is back. And he's ready for a new big, very exciting day. And you have to say what he does during this big day. And I, the mere facilitator of this illustrative narrative, draw it. And then you tell me the next thing. And I draw it. And so on and so forth. And Joe’s day unfolds with great fun (and bizarre unpredictability).

Let the game begin! What happens first on Joe the Skeleton's New Big, Very Exciting Day?

1 As per Marco's request.


  1. Joe's back! Thank you. Just some random access thoughts on what Joe might do (in no particular order). Joe and the drum buddy recherche, Joe carves pumpkins, Joe makes cocktails, Joe encounters his long lost doppelganger, Joe trims plants in the backyard, Joe solves the debt ceiling crisis...

  2. Joe goes to the Roller Derby!